The consequences of abuse

People who have been abused can feel guilt, shame and anger at their painful memories and experiences. It can leave a wake of devastation in people’s lives, impeding them from trusting others and finding lasting contentment. Intrusive flashbacks and recurring nightmares can leave people reeling. Carrying the burden of traumatic memories can make life unbearable.

Abuse can take many forms: physical, sexual and emotional. On-going neglect can have similar consequences. However, everyone’s experience is unique to them and the effects on their life are unique too.

How counselling can help you overcome your anger problems

Counselling gives you a safe space in which to talk about what happened to you and what the effects are on your life now. Shame does its best work in the dark. I urge you not to let it ruin your life. You’ll be able to tell your own story in your own time and at your own pace. You’ll be heard with complete confidentiality, respect and empathy.

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